Sunday, January 3, 2010

The First Winter Thaw- Best Time To Get New Landscaping Clients

It's winter.
It's cold.
Other than snow removal (and this was a great winter to be in that business...)
Winter is not usually thought of as landscaping season. Many landscaping companies shut down for the winter, I have a CDL truck licence and hazmat, I delivered home heating oil during the winter.

It will get warm... eventually.

When spring comes, when it thaws... you've got roughly 12 weeks to get all the new clients you're likely to get... for the entire year!

You want to plant what ever you're going to plant BEFORE Mother's Day.

After Mother's Day anything you plant will likely die.

Because it's too close to when it's going to get HOT after Mother's Day.
Plants will need so many weeks to get healthy enough to survive the heat.

Any clients you get AFTER Mother's Day are... well, it's just too late to get new clients.

What you want is to get clients that are into their yards, not clients who want to "find someone cheaper". Client's that are into gardening are going to want you to be knowledgeable about their yards, about what grows at your latitude, what kind of soil you have to plant in.

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Maryland is clay as far as the eye can see, clay is acidic, you've got to know this stuff if you want clients that are likely to pay you what your worth.

It will be warm soon... get ready

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