Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where do you want to find landscape customers?

Do you want new landscape customers?

Of course you do... next question is:
Where do you want your landscape customers?
Why are we asking ourselves that question?
You can't get all your work done if the customers are scattered out all the place!

Where your landscape or lawn care customers are located can make a big difference in how good your work is.

What if it rains a lot?

As a lawncare contractor, you know you're not going to be able to cut all your lawns quickly enough to keep all your clients happy if it rains, and rains, and rains.

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The rainfall is going to determine how tall the grass is, so unless you want to be out there cutting wet grass you'd better keep all your lawn care and landscape customers grouped close together.

So... how do you go about advertising with this in mind?

Some small, local hardware stores and package stores and almost every grocery store is likely to have a bulletin board for people to post advertisements.

One way to keep your clients close in proximity to each other is to post a schedule on a bulletin board. It can say something like:

  • "Joe Blow lawn care, serving Howard County Maryland on Tuesdays"

  • Rodriguez landscape contractors, serving North Beaufort County North Carolina every Wedensday, South Beaufort County every Friday

  • You want to give yourself a little leeway here.

    What I used to do with scheduling is this:

    My competition, the larger high dollar landscape contractors would only take a customer with a yearly contract. That contract demanded weekly lawn mowing.

    My smaller competitors offered to cut the grass every two weeks.

    I wanted to compete in the middle range, so I cut all my lawns every ten days, to split the difference.

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